Travel Guide to Australia

With array of attractions, Australia is the best place to plan your vacation. So here are few points to know more about it to start your next trip to Australian places.

Plan more time

If you are an international traveler, planning to visit Australia for the first time, then before you start your journey, make sure that you hit down all the best locations in it you want to see. Check out the Australia Map and see what places you could cover within your time and budget as Australia is a large country with many tourism places and most of the time, the locations in this place are just of little distance between each other. So be sure that you are planning more time for exploring different places rather than travelling from place to place.

Climatic conditions in Australia

The warmest time of the year in Australia starts from January end to early days of February where temperature would be as high as 83.1°F (28.4°C) with temperatures being rarely as low as 64.5°F (18.1°C) during night times. The way we generally experience the climatic condition is not all about just temperature. Colder temperatures make us to experience feel piercing with higher winds, while high temperatures affect is bit more than we expect at high humidity levels. If you feel to visit Australia during dry weather, then the months with the very less chance of significant precipitation in Australia are July, September and August months. Very less chance of snow or rain occurs in Australian places around the early May to mid May. On the other hand, there are more chances to snow or rain in late May to early June month with an average of five to six days of significant precipitation the week of May 27th.

Australian places even have very severe humid months as well as above average humidity levels throughout the year. The lowest humidity level month will be September with approx 62 percent relative humidity, and on the contrast, the highest humidity level will be on February month with 79 percentage relative humidity. Even wind in the Australian places is generally very calm. The most wind experiencing month would be December followed by November and January months. In December month, the average wind speed is recorded around 3.2 knots that is nearly 5.7 KPH or 3.5 MPH which is also considered as very light air here. On the other hand, maximum amount of sustained winds would be at highest levels during the early December of month where average top sustained wind speeds are almost 7 knots, that is considered as a gentle breeze.

Best times to visit

Though Australia is considered as year round destination, it’s pretty good to check out this place in spring season when there is milder weather. During this spring season, even most of the special events takes place in Australia and you could explore the beautiful gardens bloom during this season. Summer season is generally hot and dry in Australian places, with temperatures ranging from the high 20s to mid 30s. Even autumn is a best time to visit this place, while winter can be very chilly with temperature less than 5 degrees.