Top Honeymoon Spot on the Sunshine Coast Australia

Noosa Beachside Honeymoon

The most romantic place to celebrate your honeymoon on the Sunshine Coast Australia is the beachside. The first obvious destination is Noosa. The vibrations you experience on the beaches are from the relentless tides, cool breeze, lavish blue waters, and a deep sense of serenity you experience on the beachside resorts. You can also opt for the honeymoon cottages on the beachside of Noosa.


Romantic surfing spots are located on the Main Noosa beach, Little Cove, and First point. Early morning and late evening are the best times to enjoy surfing with your beloved. The waves are on the high, yet gentle and safe. You can find perfect solitude, away from the crowd. There are plenty of sea turtles who can be your companions while surfing. Going on long surfing rides along the coast is the safest way of enjoying your experience.


Beach camps are available for hire along the main-beach, Noosa, and First Point. They are equipped with the most essentials required for overnight stay and protection from the elements. They offer solitude, passionate surroundings, and the top-rated Australian cuisines and beverages. Camps are completely compatible with the resorts for hygiene, living space, and all the accommodation facilities. They also bring you much closer to nature in an open environment.


Beachside restaurants and bars offer you the most versatile types of dining and drinking experiences on your honeymoon. They offer authentic Australian foods and beverages of the highest quality and tastiest cuisine. Every restaurant here has a unique menu. From breakfast and lunch to dinner, and drinks, you can enjoy the most relishing experience.

Most popular choices are prawn, oyster, chicken, green mango, sea fish, and meat with plenty of spices or no spices. The best way to start your honeymoon trip is with a fruity and veggie breakfast. Mushrooms dry-fruits, ice-creams and poached eggs are the alternate options.

Most of the drinks range from mild to wild with scintillating tastes. You may choose from lemonade, fruit and ice cream cocktail, chilli-lime syrup, Mandarin, champagne, and typical Australian cocktails.

Dinner is the most exquisite experience on the Noosa beachside honeymoon restaurants. Complete privacy with the best quality foods and beverages mark every night on your stay here. The staffs are very friendly and the environment is perfect for the most sensuous honeymoon evenings.


Cottages with heating and cooling systems are the most suited places for the honeymoon nights. Absolute solitude with zero noise environments offers you the best romantic experience. You may also choose the luxurious resorts located on the Noosa beachside.


Noosa offers you some of the most exciting tourist spots for your honeymoon. The top among them is the Noosa River, reserve parks, Weyba Lake, and Everglades. You can enjoy your boating, walking and staying experience here all through your honeymoon days.


The City centre of Noosa has the smartest, biggest, cheapest, and the most luxurious shopping malls. They offer you an entire range of articles and artistic objects from Aborigine culture to the most modernist times.