Guide To Know More About Ballarat To Pack Your Luggage Tight For Your Next Vacation

Ballarat, popularly called as goldfields city always attracts it’s visitors with different type of riches. It’s been almost 140 years since gold metal was first discovered at this place what is now called as Ballast. Though, gold got dried up, this city still remains its rich in other ways. This city is even famous for creativity as it consists of plenty of makers and artists creating things in different ways and reaping the rewards. Named as ideal destination to recharge and escape, Ballarat just one and half hour drive from Melbourne.

Following points guide you to explore the Ballarat city to its fullest.


At Ballarat, start your morning with the tasty breakfast at Yellow Expresso, the famous cafe. You can also avail, all here. Though, Ballarat is of at quite long distance from Italy, it will not stop the Forge Pizzeria. Ballarat is even famous for vegans woodfired pizzas that are lip smacking. Ballarat with wide array of eatables never disappoints the food lovers.


Though Ballarat soil lost the gold, it remains rich in the nutrients that are required to prepared tasty wine. Winery and Eastern Peake vineyard is just 15  minutes away from Ballarat, where Dianne Laata and Norm have been preparing wine with superb ad hoc attitude since 25 years. The variety of wines prepared at Eastern Peake are the natural ones that includes very less intervention throughout the wine making process. In Ballart city, Mitchell Harris Wines is the must place to go to taste a great wine. This building is nearly 150 years old and has formerly been as a produce store, motor workshop and tent-maker.


Though there are many wonderful places to watch at Ballarat, you have to set two hours aside to not to miss the walk around a wonderful place Ballarat’s Lake Wendouree that is one of the must visit places in Ballarat. This artificial lake was actually just a swamp before it has been dammed as lake during the gold rush. However, at present days, you can not enjoy swimming in the shallow lake, but is the best destination, if you are looking for a spot of fishing, kayaking or boating. This artificial lake is filled beautiful swans, water hens and ducks, along with huge colony of ibises. It is approximately five to seven kilometres to walk around the entire lake, and it would take you about two to three hours to complete a round around it. On the western shore of the lake, you could find a famous Australian botanic garden called as Ballarat Botanic Gardens that is over 140 years old. Also, take some of your time out to explore Robert Clarke Conservatory, a glittering glass conservatory where people can enjoy seasonal flower displays. This gardens also consists of Australia’s first 28 prime ministers status along with twelve Italian marble statues given by Thomas Stoddard in the year 1884.

Best times to visit

Though Ballarat is a year-round destination, it would be bit interesting to visit in spring season while the weather is milder. Even many special events take place during the spring season and you can even enjoy the bloom of magnificent gardens during this period.

Summer season is generally hot and dry in Ballarat, with temperatures ranging from the high 20s to mid-30s. Even autumn is a best time to visit this place, while winter can be very chilly with a temperature less than 5 degrees.