Best Places to Check Out in Australia

Are you looking for the best places to explore in Australia? Then you could find those amazing destinations here in this article. Whether you want to spend a peaceful time or want to have a trip in the heat of December or the cool of March, here you would obviously find out some of the best tourist attractions, and amazing wonders on this list. Australia is a huge, in fact the best country with plenty of places to see.

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So by breaking down those ideal places to visit in various states and territories of Australia, here are the best of them.


Australian Reptile park

What can be better than spending your warm afternoon by watching and learning about some Central Coast native animals? Australian Reptile Park is the perfect place to check out at afternoon that you would love the most. Just with 5 min drive from the Gosford, you could reach this.

Australian Reptile Park that is famous zoo which home to few Australian native animals as well as many exotic reptiles. This would be a great day out for the whole family.

Make sure that you don’t miss reptile show to learn program of venom program. Also be sure that you won’t miss the exciting action that is monster crocodile Elvis feeding. Here you can even have a great playground for your kids and you to get all your family involved.

Somersby Falls

Somersby Falls is the best and ideal place to visit at starting of your Australia trip. There are lot of things to do at this Somersby Falls, so it’s an ideal to spend the rest of your morning in Central Coast. You could even take some lunch with your and can plan the most of the picnic area. However, with picnic tables and barbecues here and there, there will be plenty of space at this area for you to settle in. You could even enjoy your day by having beautiful walk along the Somersby Falls track that takes you through the awesome rainforest offering you the best stunning waterfall views. Make sure that you carry your swimmers along with you so that you could stay cool even with the waterfall after you finish your walk.

Kangaroo Island

Just a half-hour drive from Cape Jervis and an hour drive from Adelaide makes you to get away from bustling city of Australia to the wild yet peaceful place of Kangaroo Island. It is one of the best place that consists Australia’s natural gems and wildlife. It is even one of the largest islands in Australia, that is must see place for the people who are wishing to add adventure to their vacation. Here you can even have accommodation for easy exploring of the region!Around this island,  you could find echidnas, koalas, kangaroos, wallabies and  whole host of neat Aussie reptile and bird species.